Free Templates & Formats

Here are some free resume templates that you can download. We will keep updating this whenever we create a new template. There are many templates out there, but we have selected a few based on TWO principles – Simplicity & Minimalism.

We believe that a resume is as good as it is read – by a software or the human eye. It is important to draw attention to important points, create an impact and sell a story within a minute. To do that, choices have to be made. The format should have a clear hierarchy of content, unique italics, colours or even boxes to draw attention and breathing space to compartmentalize the blocks within the resume for easy reading.

You can also refer to minimalist templates available at

What we think should be avoided

  • Your photograph – It adds no value to your resume and just takes up space
  • Too many colours – Again, its clutter. We prefer one more colour apart from Black & white
  • Too many boxes/italics for content – Use highlighters like a box sparingly else, they aren’t for highlighting.

Resume sample templates

You can download the word file to format further